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Our Mission

JCE Healthcare is dedicated to providing quality patient care with unrelenting attention to clinical  excellence, patient safety and an unparalleled passion and commitment to assure the very best healthcare for those we serve.

Our Vision

  1. To be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and employees because of our preeminent patient care and teaching programs.

  2. To be the academic center of choice for healthcare professionals.

  3. To be a prominent community member known for meeting the healthcare    needs of the entire community through incomparable patient care and  wellness programs.

Our Values

JCE Healthcare is committed to:

Dignity & Reverence –     Safeguarded by recognizing every life as a gift from God, so each    individual is inherently valued.

Trust –    Honest and open communication with patients and among staff.

Teamwork –     Recognizes the contribution of all but requires sacrifice for the    benefit of the patient so as to enhance the health of the    communities served and works in cooperation with other organizations    to protect vulnerable populations throughout the region.

Cooperation –     Between patient and staff, as well as the various clinical    professions and specialties.

Integrity –     Honesty, fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do, as the    ideal means to protect overall safety, as well as assure confidentiality and privacy.


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